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Let us resist the temptation to have things provided for us by others- housing, transportation, healthcare, food…For such provision puts us at their mercy, if we take government housing we must live where government says live, or if we use government transportation we must go where it goes, and if we eat what the government provides then we must eat what the ‘wise men of government’ tell us to eat.  The same is true of government-controlled healthcare.  We will get treated when the system says it is our time and we will be treated for the things the system approves by the physicians to which the system assigns us.

Some may say ‘at least you are alive and have some food and shelter and transportation and treatment,’ to which I say ‘crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you…’ (Samuel Adams).  For you are being KEPT, maintained in a sort of half-life in which your basic needs are met but your heart’s aspirations wither away.  It is an easy place to BE and a hard place to leave.  But leave it you must, if you wish not simply to be alive but to LIVE, if you wish to be FREE.  Do not mistake me, freedom is not easy, it is hard, you may succeed, you may fail, and you will be responsible for the results.  But at least you will know that your life is your own, that you can become what God intended you to be. 

Being KEPT brings with it a gnawing animosity toward yourself and your keepers, a self-loathing that comes from knowing that you exist at the indulgence of another- you hate the system for trapping you and you hate yourself for being trapped in it.  You also know that you have traded a portion of your humanity for what you thought was a ‘safe’ thing.  It turned out that ‘safety’ was in fact bondage to a set of rules you do not control and cannot influence; to a group of people who do not value you as an individual but rather see you as a ‘case #’ or a file or a single vote bought and paid for.  You cannot get something for nothing.

In the context of health, being FREE means making choices about our health and living with those choices.  This means bearing the costs ourselves but it also means reaping the benefits ourselves.  It means being actively engaged in our own lives not simply going along with where our KEEPERS tell us to go.  We are no longer subject to their whim for we do not need them, we are FREE.

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